HELP! How to save index and data ? [no BDE used... only simple TStringList]


I'm using Delphi 2.0 and I have the following problem:

The task is to save email-data into a data-file. First I have a
TStringList, which holds the data necessary for a general overview
about the available emails. This datas I store in a file (email.idx).
I use TStringList.LoadFromFile and TStringList.SaveToFile...

Every email has five strings (flags, from, date, length, subject)...
That was the simple part...

Now the problem:  How can I save the email-text?  An email-text can
consist of a lot of strings (separated by 'Enter's') like this one
too... [I think till here this email would be 9 strings]...

I want to have ONE file for all emails! (let's say email.dat)... I
could also use one file for all (index and data) but not one file for
every email... that would be simple...

I read something about objects you can save together with Strings in a
TStringList.... Could I save a TStringList [email-text] as an object
together with every fifth String in TStringList [email-index]:

flags           -> object TStringList [email-text]
flags           -> object TStringList [email-text]

How can I save the email-text?  Any idea?  Please email me! Thank you!


      [Replys Cc as email please!]

Alexander Lucke,
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