Why can't I use DCU components in the Resource Workshop in Delphi 1.0

Hello.  Thanks for reading this and especially thanks if you know the answer and will post
a reply.  

 I have created a dll that has quite a large list of visual components including tquery,
tdbgrid, toutline, tdatasource, ... all on the same tform.  I did this using the IDE and
compiling the form then extracting the form from the exe and placing it in my dll (that
contains all the code loading and executing the query) with the Resource Workshop.  
 Please stop laughing now.  ;)  I don't imagine that this is the best way to get the forms
you want in a dll, but it works...kind of.

 Could someone please educate me in the preferred method?  The documentation says to check
the component writers guide, and I have.  But to no avail.

Thanks for any comments!


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