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Numeric types in ORACLE


I'm having really a big trouble using an ORACLE 8.0.5
database with Delphi 4 c/s and ODBC.

None of my lookup fields works. I defined many TFields
of type ftLookup in my TQuery objects setting both the
keyfield and lookupkeyfield to a proper value (an integer
field, but delphi reads all numbers from Oracle tables as
floats), and also a TQuery object as LookupDataSet.
At runtime, each time a lookup field should be updated,
it always remain empty, even if the lookup value exists
in the lookup table.
Delphi doesn't report any error, bu the ODBC log reports
the error [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01722: invalid number.
The lookup TQuery opens and shows records without problems.

I'm really desperate
Can someone help me ?

Thanks and regards
Francesco Baldi


Re:Numeric types in ORACLE

I don't use ODBC, but the conversion to floats is most likely the
problem.  Set ENABLE INTEGERS    to true in the BDE.


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