result sets from Oracle Stored Procedures

I've posted this question to the Borland forums with no replies yet so I
thought I'd try here.

I tried google for an answer to this and found lots of questions but no
answers.  I'm using Delphi 5.02 Enterprise, Oracle 8.1.7, Oracle OLEDB
provider for Oracle 9i.

I've created a stored procedure in Oracle that has an in-out parameter of
type ref cursor.  It works fine in sqlplus.  In Delphi, if I add a
TADOStoredProc or TADODataSet set to stored procedure to my data module then
look at the parameters, the cursor parameter is identified as ftInterface.
Attempting to set the stored procedure to active results in an error that
says something about invalid or inconsistent parameters.  Delphi will not
allow me to change the parameter type to ftCursor.  I've also tried creating
the TADOStoredProc object at runtime with the same results.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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