Report Builder Custom Report Wizard


I created a custom report wizard and dialog in Report Builder.  The
new wizard arranges new reports as I would like but I am having
problems getting the fonts to work correctly using the styles setup by
Digital Metaphors.  I am not fully understanding what they are doing
as there are several unexpected behaviors.

I want to add a new style to the report wizard and report wizard
dialog.  I tried doing this but got access violations so I decided
just to see if I could get the fonts to change by modifying the
built-in BoldStyle.  I wanted to eliminate the Maroon coloring in that
style and change the detail fields font from Times New Roman 9 to
Arial 8.

I modified the code in TmyBoldStyle.SetStyleAttributes in the report
wizard but nothing happened.  Next I created my own myMetaRW routine
and set the initial style to BoldStyle.  This resulted in additional
unexpected behavior.  I had modified the BoldStyle fonts in the new
myMetaRW unit as described in the paragraph above.  When the "What
style would you like?" page is displays I see the expected changes
reflected in the image for BoldStyle but when I select another style
and then go back to BoldStyle it goes back to showing the maroon and
Times New Roman setup by Digital Metaphors.  Even so, it makes no
difference whether or not I just stay with the BoldStyle or pick
another and go back to it.  I still get Maroon and Times New Roman in
my generated report.

If you have experience creating custom report wizards in Report
Builder, can you give me some ideas to get the font changes to work

Also, why would I be getting an AV when I add my own style?

Thanks, Sidney