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tdbgrid: immediately posting


i have a problem with using tdbgrid.
i want the following:
when i edit a cell in the tdbgrid then i want that the modified value of
cell will be posted immediately. i want that the user don't need to go
to the
next or to the previous record in the ttable to post the edited tfields.

i try to insert a command into the onchange event of all the
tfields of the ttable. but when i run the appl and these onchange events
activated i'm always getting an error:
Stack overflow!

why? or is there an another nice method to solve my original problem?

thanks, and sorry for the bad english
ciao sb of remal

ps: could you send your answers to my personal email:
ps2: is there a mailing list for this newsgroup?


Re:tdbgrid: immediately posting

Use the OnColumnEnter and OnColumnExit of the tDbGrid

On Enter capture the value to a string variable

On Exit, check the current value of the column vs what it was going in and
if it changed then issue a post
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