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RichEdit control


How can I insert some paragraphs in format Courier New 10 inside a
RichText with Times New Roman 12?

I have begun adding lines like this, is it right?

With RichEdit do
Font.Size := 12;
Font.Name := 'Times New Roman';
Paragraph.Alignment := TaCenter;
DefAttributes.Style := Font.Style;
SelAttributes.Style := Font.Style + [fsBold];
Lines.Add ('This is my first line';

Is there any way for showing page separations in a RichEdit?


Re:RichEdit control

In article <>, "Manuel" <> writes:
>I am using TStringGrid components and at run time I always have the first
>cell (0,0) highligted.

>Does anybody knows how to get a TStringGrid whithout default selection (no
>cell  highlighted) ?

Set the Selected property to an off-StringGrid cell eg :-

with StringGrid1 do
  Selection := TGridRect(Rect(ColCount ,RowCount, ColCount, RowCount));

 . . . this specifies the cell just below and to right of bottom-right corner.

Alan Lloyd

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