Record Lock When Using Updatesql / OnUpdateRecord Even Hander

When I edit a paradox table/query in D4, the recored will be
auto locked, but this is not work when I specify an updateobj or
an onupdaterecord event handler. BDE will not lock any record
which are editing.  Furthermore, I can edit any records which
are locked by other table/user without any warning message. So I
cannot know the data is changed before I edit them and when I
post the reocrds, It overwrits the changes made by ohter

For example (The stock qty was 100 when i edit the record, but
It decreased to 90 ofter the transactions made by other user.
But I did not know the change and use 100 to calculate my
transaction.  Also, I cannot get the value form TField.Curvalue

Any suggestion for this problem?

Thanks in advance!!


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