Join JEDI Education team

Join JEDI Education team

I would like to invite you join the JEDI Education team.
JEDI Education team is a volunteer team of Delphi programmers
writing and collecting tutorials related to Delphi programming.

We have already some tutorials and articles finished.
To view those texts you need the JEDI Dolphin app.
Dolphin app is based on an original idea and content
from Richard Sutcliffe and his friends at
Leeds Metropolitan University (

Michael Beck <>
is further enchancing Dolphin app to meet the needs of
a tutorial presentation and editing system.

The app is in the beta stage.
You can download it along with its database from

Just go there and click on the "JEDI Dolphin" link

Alek Andreev <> is currenlty forming a sub-team
for developing the Web-Dolphin app, an online counterpart
of the Dolphin app. Anyone interested in development of
WebDolphin may join sending a message to
or subscribe by going to:

We know we have a lot of work to do to make the JEDI Dolphin tutorial
a really helphul tutorial for the Delphi programmer. So if you want
to participate in any way please subscribe to our main mailing list:

You could
write tutorials and topics,
collect and valuate articles,
review and edit texts,
help on Dolphin development,
help on Web-Dolphin development,
or just send us your ideas and thoughts.

We need your talent and knowledge.

If you want to learn more about Project JEDI go to

If you want to see how the Borland Community views Project JEDI
read the "Project JEDI and the Delphi Community" article
by Charlie Calvert at


Theo Bebekis
JEDI Education team coordinator

Theo Bebekis
Thessaloniki, Greece