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Mapping *tlb.pas to a tlb

Most of you probably know that pressing F12 while editing a Delphi 3
produced *_TLB.pas file will usually bring up the Delphi type library
editor with the appropriate *.tlb file.  My question is how does Delphi
associate the *_TLB.pas file with the *.tlb file?  Is it by name only?
I have some TLB.pas files I'd like to associate with the .tlb file that
produced them, but Delphi doesn't seem to open the tlb up when I press



Re:Mapping *tlb.pas to a tlb

The only way to make the connection is to open the .tlb file.  F12
switches between the typelib editor and pascal view.  If you open a
pas file, it will never display the typelib.

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