BDE Problem - Thinks it is on a network.

I have come up against a problem with Delphi 1 and the BDE. I am
developing an application on my work computer and need to run it on my
laptop in order to demonstrate it. I have installed the BDE Redist
files from the Delphi 1 directory on the Delphi 2 CD on the laptop,
copied the database directory over, as well as the executable.
I set up an alias to point to the laptop database directory on the
laptop using the IDAPI config that comes with dBase for windows.
When I try and run the application on the laptop an exception
EBDEngineError in my program. 'Not initialized for accessing network
files. Table: c:\databas\school\student.db'
Needless to say, the C: drive on the laptop is not a network drive.
On the development system, the database is on the G: drive with the
same path, while the executable is on the F: drive.
I am using aliases to connect to the BDE in all cases.
 I can't find anything in the BDE docs I have to point me in the right
direction and would welcome some assistance.

.. John

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