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DbiProcs - Sorting Non Indexed Tables

Ok, I've got the Borland BDE book. Great, a list of functions and no
examples! One or two mor emight have been very useful!

Anyway, has anyone got an example of using DbiSort in a Delphi App?

Anyone know of any good books on using the BDE direct calls in Delphi?

Thanks for any help.

Russell Weetch
and UK Index is at


Re:DbiProcs - Sorting Non Indexed Tables

The "Revolutionary Guide to Delphi 2" has some good examples of BDE
programming both for Delphi 1 and Delphi 2. Delphi 2 Developer comes
with a full BDE Help file with examples for C++ and Pascal.

If you are using Delphi 1, the in your \doc directory is
better than nothing.

Nick Spurrier (MoDESoft, UK)

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