Superbase to Delphi Conversion

Fellow Bipeds...
On the very good chance that my original message didn't make it anywhere
the problem was which database type to conert my commercial Superbase
applications to.  The files are relatively small (< 20,000 per file) and
the number of files is small too (typically < 20 files).  
The underlying database HAS to be LAN/network aware and running on
Windows 95 peer-to-peer networks, and record locking/stopping
concurrent updates by multiple users (either explicitely or implicitely)
is required.

So what do I shoose?  Foxpro?  Access? Paradox?  Whatever the choice is,
in addition to LAN-awareneness, muti-user licenses are a factor.

I await sage counsel.

Regards, John
P.S. who ever took over/bought Superbase 95 anyhow?