Importing Graphics Files (i.e. GIF/TIF/JPG)...and better graphics capabilities

Hi there,

I have a couple questions for you TP7 Gurus out there.

I am looking to add some graphics to a few of my programs that I am working on.
Basically, I just want to add them in as a title screen, so they aren't going
to do anything.  I would like to use preexisting GIFS/JPGS, etc... for this,
but I have no idea how I can get TP7 to decode one of these graphics files.

Secondly, The best graphics mode I have been able to access so far is a
320x 200x 256 color mode, which I used assembly inline code to get  (I used
mov ax, 0013h
int 10h
to achieve this).  Is there a way to expand to better then 320 x 200???  My
screen can handle quite a deal greater than this.  Also, can I gain more
colors than 256?

Lastly, I want to buy books dealing with Assemly language (for use with TP7
and C++) and also a book on Graphics programming in Turbo Pascal.  Could
someone please recommend a couple good books for me?

sorry for all the questions, but I know that you can help,

Jeff Hanks