I'm trying to make heads&tails of the ActiveX unit and the unit from
PlasmaTech, UPTStgStorage, and I can get *MY* app to create a compound
file and I can create the Storage and Stream blocks within the compound
file, but I don't seem to be able to:

1.  Get the UPTStgStorage's readstream/writestream stuff to actually
READ or WRITE a stream out to the compound file.

2.  Create a CompObj stream (vitally necessary to a valid compound

3.  Ditto with the SummaryInformation PropertySet stream.

4.  Ditto with custom propertysets.

Does anyone have WORKING SOURCE CODE, which can *JUST* use the ActiveX
unit and does *NOT* need to use Plasmatech's unit, that can:  read/write
data to a compound file stream; create a valid CompObj stream and a
valid SummaryInformation propertyset stream; and create a valid custom
propertyset stream into a compound file?  

I REALLY need this information!!!