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TSheet Question (Delphi Rad Pack)

The Rad Pack is a joke.  Borland shipped it to us even after I stated
we didn't want it (and charged our credit card which was on file) I might add.

The component shipped is an old stripped version.  If you want to do any
serious work with it buy it from the manufacturer.  I am using Formula One
2.0 and it works ok...but AGAIN ignorant salepeople stated it was data aware
with Delphi 1.X and it wasn't.  Version 3 is with Delphi 2 according to their
tech support.


Re:TSheet Question (Delphi Rad Pack)

Hello everybody

I have 2 problems in using VTSS.DLL functions :

1- SSSetBorder doesn't set the Left, Right and Top sides of the selected
2- SSSetAlignment(Sheet.SS, 7, False, 2, 0) doesn't operate the Centering
    the selected cells.

Any solution, or information ?


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