Opening service control manager with non-adminstrator user

Currently using D5, windows XP (NT seems to be the same).

When I call the OpenSCManager routine like so:

        lSvcManager := OpenSCManager(NIL, NIL, SC_MANAGER_CONNECT);

Works fine when logged on with local administrative privs, but even a
power user gets 'Access Denied' when I  raise the error:

        if (lSvcManager = 0) then RaiseLastWin32Error;

Anybody know how to either open this up so power users (or a specific
user) can get access or work around this detail?  The issue is one of
our customer has reason to use this particular app on a BDC and it's a
regular app requiring a logged in user.. for obvious reasons they
don't want to leave a domain admin logged in.

Any thoughts?

OFCC #3122, DoD  #2223
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