Aggregates, Blob fields and Subqueries: some SQL questions

Im putting together Delphi SQL statements to get results from Paradox 8
Ive come across some problems.  Take the following sample:

SELECT  MAX(t2.Date1), t1.value1, t1,value2, t1.memo1
FROM Table1 t1, Table2 t2
WHERE t1.value1 = t2.value1
GROUP BY value1, value2, memo1.

The problem arises with the GROUP BY clause the BDE tells me that Blob
cannot be used as grouping field.  Fair enough.
However if I remove this field from the GROUP BY statement I get the message
Where GROUP BY exists every simple field in projectors must be in GROUP BY

Is there any way of getting the result I want ie mixing aggregate and Blob
fields in the same result set.

I suspect that this problem may be soluble using a subquery but Ive had
very little success getting these to work.

Any ideas, anyone?