QuickReport - Printing selected lines of memo fields

D2.0 C/S, W95
I'm trying to create a Quick Report which will include certain lines from
a memo field in a paradox 7 table. Specifically I want to exclude any
lines starting with ** so that internal comments can be ignored.
The memo could be any number of lines.

So far, I've got two options, each of which partly works ...
a) If I use a TQRMemo then I can read the lines from the memo field into
the TStrings and delete the lines I don't want. Great, except that the
memo doesn't expand vertically to include all the memo lines.
   ... or ...
b) I can use a TDBMemo, which does expand as required, but I can't see
how to edit the value before its printed (except by copying to a
temporary table etc which seems a long way for a quickreport).

I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to solve the above, or
alternatively other ways to achieve what I want.
David Carle