D3 Bug? Form not modal and not part of the Host-Application

// in a Delphi2 or C++Builder (pascal-source) - compiled DLL

 Application.handle:= HostExeHandle; // via Parameter
 MyDLLForm:= TMyDLLForm.Create(Application);
 MyDLLForm.Visible:= False;

is MyDLLForm a modal Form and Part of the EXE.
D2 or C++Builder work well! I use both.

In D3 isn't it a modal Form. Closing this will also kill the Host
Application too. Open a second Form depending on the first form makes
the DLL-Form modal and you can't access the Exe-Form.
I've compiled and linked it in every way: No modal first Form.

any hints?

Malte, Kinnbackenhagen/Germany