TP7 Video and Windows NT 4.0

Please help:

I am trying to get a Borland TP7 program to run under Win NT 4.0.  The
trick is that the original program was written for (and is still used
with) a PS/2 with 8514 graphics.  The user interface is by keystrokes
with the display in graphics mode (1024x768x256).  

I don't want to rewrite the user interface.  It is a monster 50,000+
line program. I would prefer not to reboot to DOS.  I know the program
will run under WinNT, if only I can get the graphics to work.  The plan
is to detect the type of video using an environment variable, then
initialize the graphics on that basis.

Any suggestions and ideas are invited.  Please reply by e-mail.
This is not a casual question.  I really need to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.
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