Error Creating Windows

System and software:

AST 486 (4/33 8MB ROM and about 800 mb HD)
Windows 3.11 and on NFS Unix network (Using Beame & Whiteside V3.2.0.0)
Borland Delphi V.1.0 ( all files dates: 02/15/95 8:00 am)
Never add any fix files

Problem:  Error Creating Windows

I had about 21 tables which were created by Paradox 3.5 for DOS.  Each
table was about 200 fields ( less than 255 ) and most fields are N type.
 I can open each single one in Paradox win 5.0 and DELPHI 1.0 Database
Desktop which were no problems.  I want to make all these tables in one
big .EXE file.  So I am using DELPHI's file - New Form - Experts -
Database Form - (take all defalt).  I am having an Error Message when I
am tring to do the steps about three times and the Error Message is Error
Creating Windows.  That means that I can only make two tables in one
.exe.    I tried using other kind of computer (ex. Pentium 90 - 8 MB ROM
- 800 MB HD) than I got some error.  I cann't pass the Error Message and
I don't know what is the problem.

Thank you for any help !!

Sherry Ba