MSACCESS, BDE 4.51, InstallShield solution

After browsing through the endless conversations about how to install
the BDE 4.51 and the now infamous IDDA3532.DLL module, I have one
solution that seems to work for me... maybe it can for you too...

The default MSACCESS setting for InstallShield is to install
IDDAO32.DLL, which is fine for BDE 4.01, but not for BDE 4.51.  You can
edit the SWDEPEND.INI file that is used by InstallShield Express, and
fix the file name as follows...

[BDE Support]

This will generate the correct file name for any new installation
scripts.  For existing scripts, you have to delete the old file and and
drag and drop the new IDDA3532 file to the same file group in the

However, this does not create a proper Alias... the DLL32 setting in the
BDEADMIN will still show it wanting to use IDDAO32.DLL.  To fix that
automatically in the InstallShield script, add a simple registry

Value Name:
Value Data:

Since the BDE items are installed first, and the registry items last,
this works.  Now the default BDEADMIN alias driver info will use

As for setting the Database Name, don't use the path entry, but rather
specify it as an optional parameter... for example
DATABASE NAME=<installdir>\Property.mdb

You may have to create a default IDAPI32.CNF from the current BDEADMIN
by renaming your old one so that the BDE can create a default
IDAPI32.CFG.  Then copy this as IDAPI32.CNF into InstallShield's redist
directory.  Someone's article eluded that this might be necessary.

Hope this helps all of you that were waiting for a fix to Installshield
to handle the BDE 4.51 for MSACCESS.

Best of luck,
P.S. if anyone has more info to add, please pass this on to me!  I also
think this might work for Wise Installation, I will be trying that out
here in the next few days!