General SQL Error

Hi there. I have this problem anoying me for a couple of days:

(Delphi 3 , SQL Server 6.5, BDE 5.01)

my alias is for instance  'MSSQLTest'
in delphi I have:

TDatabase:       AliasName : MSSQLTest
                        Connected : true
                        DataBaseName : Test
                        Handle Shared : False (with true is the same)
                        KeepConnection : True
                        Login Prompt :  False
                        Nome : Database1
                        Params:  USER NAME = user1
                        PASSWORD = pass1
                        Session Name : Default
                        Tag: 0
                        TransIsolation : tiReadCommited

The purpose of this TDatabase is only avoid the login prompt every time I
need to connect to the SQL SERVER.
I have many TTables in the form connected to Test (Databasename=Test) .
Here is the problem:
I put TTables Active one by one, and when I put the 33o TTable Active I
receive this error 'General SQL ERROR'.
Sometimes with a second message ('Maximum number os DBProcesses already
If instead of TTAbles I use TQuerys it works fine.
If I dont use a Tdatabase (I connect the TTAbles directly to SQL SERVER,
Table1.DataBaseName := MSSQLTest) it works fine too, but i have the login
prompt every time I start the application and try to connect the database

In the SQL SERVER error log I have:

Error 17824, Severity 10, State0
Unable to write to ListenOn Connection '\\.\pipe\sql\query', loginname
'user1', hostname 'myhost'
OS ERROR: 109, the pipe has been ended.

Where is the problem. I tryed alter many params in SQL Configuration (with
sp_configure), but nothing was solved.
I had increased the log and database space in the SQL Database, nothing

If any one has a suggestion, please send me some. I need it, before I get


Carlos Domingues

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