Inserting RichText into a RichEdit Control

Anyone have any ideas how to insert RichText into a RichEdit control
without using the Clipboard.

What I want to be able to do is insert somethinf like the following
into a RichText document in the RichEdit98 control.  The following
RichText does the following:

\uc1  -  the following is UNICODE version 1
\lang1042 -  set the language to Korean
\f0 - use font 0 in the font table (This is Korean UNICODE TrueType
font - BatangChe)
\fs48 - set the point size to 24 point.
\'b0\'a1 - the Korean character "ka"

The whole RichText taxt.


The RichText above does in fact display Korean when it is part of a
RichText file.

I'm trying to write an Input Method Editor to insert Korean into the
RichEdit98 control but I have not figured out how to actually insert
the text while the RichEdit control is running.  I have written a
simple text processing routine that will insert Korean characters into
a RichText file and when the file is loaded into the RichEdit98
control, Korean will appear.  I have not figured out how to insert
this test while the RichEdit control is running.

Any suggestions?