Porting BP/TP 7.0 programs to Windows 3.X/95/NT


I think I may know the answer to this question, but are there any
utilities or libraries/toolkits (either shareware or commercial) that
will assist in porting BP DOS apps over to Windows.  I think that it
could be done in a quick and dirty way by making the DOS app into a
Windows console app, but a true/clean port would require a complete or
mostly complete re-write of the application.  The application(s) that
I need to convert:  1) 99% text mode, using library calls from the
Technojock's Turbo toolkit. 2) An application in graphics using
MetaWindow, which is very similar to BGI. I believe Ryle Design has a
library for turning BP BGI apps into Windows compatible programs.

Any thoughts here?  I would like to either re-write the app in Borland
Pascal for Windows, or probably better yet Delphi 3.X/4.X.

Thank you very much  for any comments,

Mike McWhinney
Chief Engineer
elja, Inc.