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Delphi and JPG and GIF Images

I need a GOOD FREEWARE jpg and gif components!

Please help


Re:Delphi and JPG and GIF Images

Draven <> wrote in article

> I need a GOOD FREEWARE jpg and gif components!

1)For Jpg files exist a freeware library of units from Jacques
Nomssi that can be downloaded from DelphiSuperPage .

I have not tried it personally but other people referred that work quite
well, however is not a component but a library of functions tranlated from
C  by Jacques Nomssi and is not extremely easy to use.

There is also a viewer created by Detlef Meister and based on
the library of Jacques Nomssi,the quality of the output is good and the
source of the code is included.
 With   the code there are also the units for the decompression of other
graphic formats, (like GIF), unfortunately  the code is not  object
oriented (there aren't components ) and you will need of some time for find
what you need in a maze of units, (unfortunately the comments of the code
are in Deutche but the code is readeble also withouth comments).

2) For the GIF file format there is the freeware  by Richard
Shotbolt available at Delphi Super Page and the viewer of Detlef Meister
(see  former answer for JPG).

3)There is a free package of  OCX controls  for image manipulation and
TWAIN acquisition produced by WANG software for Microsoft.
You can download it from Wang   or from Microsoft.
The good news about this package is that,  also if not is a native delphi
component, is very easy to use and install and that will be distributed by
Microsoft with the next release of Win95 and WinNT .

The Drawbacks are that with those ocx the jpeg files can be read  but not
written .Moreover the quality of the decompred Jpeg images is IMHO sligtly
inferior of the quality of the output obtained with the other packages.

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