Index of Beginning Pascal Tutorial Parts

Here's an index of what I know now as to the part structure.  It
includes parts that have been released, and parts that have been
written and parts that are in progress.  There will be more parts than
what I have listed here when it gets done....

Part 1: The Basics
Part 2: IF statements, FOR loops, and format codes
Part 3: WHILE loops, REPEAT loops, CASE statements, string addressing.
Part 4: Procedures and Functions, TYPE and CONST declarations.
Part 5: Reading and Writing to Text Files, writing to the printer.
Part 6: Arrays and their Usage, ASCII conversion functions.
Part 7(IP): Records and their Usage, Concepts of Mathematics in
Part 8(IP): (Special Topic 1) DOS file functions and their usage.
Part 9(IP): Applications Development 1.
Part 10(IP): Reading and Writing to Binary Files.
Part 11(IP): (Special Topic 2) Interfacing with a Common Format.
Also known as methods of storage for variables by Pascal in
memory and on binary disk files.
Part 12(IP): Recursion, The System Unit.

Remember, those of you that have followed the tutorial, continue doing
it, as many of these topics build upon each other (If you dont
understand part 7, you AREN'T going to understand part 8, for
example).  I am posting this list for the programmers here who are
completely competent in parts 1-7, but may not have certain topics
completely mastered.  I did say I plan on taking this tutorial through
some PRETTY ADVANCED topics....Dynamic Pointer Variables are
coming up somewhere in Part 13 and on....Also, complete usage of
the CRT unit, and the accessing of assembler in the Pascal compiler,
as well as a couple of VERY GOOD defined sorting algorithms:
QuickSort, and ShellSort...And also we'll cover the concepts of errors
and error recovery...

have fun....