Delphi 1 application lockups

In testing a Delphi 1 app that uses the BDE (2.52), the app locks up,
during startup, when executed on a Dell laptop. The program does not
lock up on any other system (and it's been tested on several, with and
without networks). There's nothing particular about the Laptop -- it
runs Windows 3.1 and the only thing in memory is a program which checks
the battery life. Because I don't have Delphi or any sort of de{*word*81}
installed on the machine, I can't identify exactly where during startup
the problem is occuring. It is, however, happening before the main form
is displayed and after a log-in dialog box has already displayed and
checked some tables for user info. Also, another, smaller app that uses
the BDE and a lot of the same components (including QuickReports 2.0)
works fine.

Any ideas?

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