Problem with X-Axis labels on TDBCHart


Can anyone help please. I have some small experience with simple

I am using a TDBChart to gather data from a table and chart it. These
will be values in hours and goods of product classes which pass
through various production cells in a day. I run through a table add
up all the values and plot them. The classes may change on a daily
No problem so far.

I need to add a string to each column as a X-Axis label at the base of
each plotted bar but I cannot see how to do this. The values of the
X-Axis labels will be held in string type fields LClass1, LClass2 etc.
I have used AddXY and colour, position on graph and value are correct.
However the X-Axis label is the plotted position

ie Label 1 is 10
   Label 2 is 15
   Label 3 is 20  etc

The values to be plotted are in variables LHrs1, LHrs 2 etc.

The string must be added dynamically as the data may change on a daily
basis so cannot be hardcoded or placed onto the chart using TLable

Can anyone please help as it has driven me mad.

The following is the code used for creating the chart.

        DBChart1.BottomAxis.Labels        := TRUE;
        DBChart1.BottomAxis.Visible       := True ;
        DBChart1.Legend.FirstValue        := 0;
        DBChart1.BottomAxis.Title.Caption := 'Class';
        DBChart1.Legend.NumCols           := 12;
        DBChart1.Legend.TextStyle         := ltsPlain;
        DBChart1.Legend.Color             := clWhite;
        DBChart1.Legend.Font.Color        := clBlack;
        DBChart1.Legend.Font.Style        := [fsBold];

        tmpSeries[1]                := TBarSeries.Create(Self);
        tmpSeries[1].Marks.Visible  := TRUE;
        tmpSeries[1].Marks.Style    := smsValue;

        tmpSeries[1].SeriesColor := clBlack;
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(10, LHrs1,  LClass1,  clGreen);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(15, LHrs2,  LClass2,  clRed);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(20, LHrs3,  LClass3,  clBlue);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(25, LHrs4,  LClass4,  clWhite);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(30, LHrs5,  LClass5,  clMaroon);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(35, LHrs6,  LClass6,  clPurple);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(40, LHrs7,  LClass7,  clOlive);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(45, LHrs8,  LClass8,  clAqua);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(50, LHrs9,  LClass9,  clFuchsia);
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(55, LHrs10, LClass10, clTeal );
        tmpSeries[1].AddXY(60, LHrs11, LClass11, clYellow       );

        tmpSeries[1].ParentChart := DBChart1;