ListView Caption

I originally posted this message in the objectpascal forum and someone
suggested posting it in this one, so here goes.

I have been looking for a ListView component or a method that would
allow me to include multiple lines of caption below my Icon formatted
items in a ListView.  I have word-wrap turned off, so the words will
remain in tact.  It becomes much worse when the word wrap is true.  I
found the ExtListView component and it is close.

Using chr(13) & chr(10) I have placed four lines (fields) of information

below each item.  The main problem I have is formatting the caption text

to be presentable. The ExtListView has a seticonspacing property, but
that did not control the width and height of the caption text. What's
strange is
that I find that the tip text that appears above the items as you pass
over them with the cursor is perfect, along with the text appearance
after you select an item in the view. These seem to adjust according to
the number of lines and width of the longest line. That is the way I
want the text to be
displayed all the time!  The problem is once it is not selected or the
tip info is gone, the caption text is replaced with raw, non-formatted
text on two lines and truncated.

My question is:  Is there a control or a way to force the selection or
tip caption method on the item caption at all times.  I have used the
ListView component that is with Delphi 5, and it does the same thing.
So, is there an API call or something I can do to make these item
captions always cleanly formatted and multi-line text?

Also, is there a particular control that I can us for 32X32 icons.  I
have noticed that the imagelist controls are always at 16X16.  I found a

systemimagelist control that displays at 32X32, but it is machine
dependent.  I want to be able to take a 32X32 icon file and display it
at it's normal size above my items in this ListView.  So, any image list

controls or API calls that can accomplish this will also be greatly

Any Ideas?
Dewitt Coleman
Agape Computer Consulting