I need DDE help, please!

I apologize if this appears to be a second post by me, but I cannot see my
first post, so I am re-posting...



I have just recently started looking at modifying an app to communicate data
through DDE. I read through the documentation in the help files in Borland,
but they are a little vague; I then noticed this wonderful (supposedly)
thing called DDEML, and thought that that sounds easier than writing
everything myself using the DDE message-style. However, I am missing the
user32.lib file, which the help file says is required. I have this file from
Visual Studio6, but that won't link in correctly.


Here are my questions:

1) DDE is win16 compliant, yes? The app I must modify is a win16 app.

2) Which method am I really better off using, old-style DDE or DDEML?

3) If DDEML is better, where can I find a copy of user32.lib that will work
with my app?

4) Could anyone point me to some examples of DDE code?

Thanks in advance,
Jason Ratke