Multiple instances of the IDE

"Greg Blickley" <> wrote in message


> I am working with Delphi 5 Professional, and in some cases I like to
> have two different sessions running so I can switch back and forth to
> compare code between projects, and my system crashes failry regularly
> because of this. Is this a simple lack of resources problem, or is
> Delphi picky about multiple instances of the IDE running?

Actually, I don't know the answer but .... I am using Delphi in similar
way - multiple instances and yes, sometimes (not regularly, though) Delphi
crashes (not the whole system, just Delphi) but I haven't been paying
attention why it crashes... Hm, maybe I should start paying attention to it.

I run NT, 256Mb ram + Delphi5

I don't know if it helps...