DOS Extender for BC4

I am currently using Borland Pascal V7 with the DPMI to process large
matrices for a DOS-based program (yeh.. yeh.. use Windows, unix
etc). I wish to link in (either as object files or shell out and exec
them) several C programs which compile using BC4. However, Borland
have not implemented the same protected mode target model for the C
compiler thus, what to do next? Options :-

(i) Presumably I can merely compile the C code for a particular memory
model and link the object files in - what about the protected mode

(ii) Use a DOS extender (any recommended (compatible with BP7's)

(iii) Give Borland more money for PowerPack (or whatever it's
called). Is is compatible with the BP7 DPMI?  

(iv) Create a windows DLL for the C-stuff and call it from the DPMI.

(v) Use DJGPP with ?

Anybody been here?


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