Overview: TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE (TCS2001) Conference -- Keynote Speakers

             18th International Conference and Exposition on

                        TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE
              Theme: Meeting the New Challenges of Testing
                            June 18-22, 2001
            Washington, D.C. * Hyatt Regency (Bethesda) * USA
        (Conference: June 20-22; Workshops/Tutorials: June 18-19)

In cooperation with:
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGSoft
American Society for Quality (ASQ) Software Division
IEEE Reliability Society
Software Technology Support Center (STSC)

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The general sessions of the Conference on Testing Computer Software will
address major issues of concern to the developers and users of software.
The theme of the Conference "Meeting the New Challenges of Testing"
focuses on providing practical and essential solutions to the software
development profession, and the users of computer software at all levels.

Tom Gilb's topic will be "Real Time Priority and Risk Management for World
Class Software Quality." He will discuss that world-class software quality
cannot be achieved using conventional thinking. Scarce human and time
resources must be managed in a dynamic way; with regard to multiple
stakeholder values and actual resource consumption. And multitudes of
potential threats to success must be identified and managed.

Warren S. Reid's will discuss "Is That Your Final Answer? Surviving Cross
Examination in the Courtroom." Lawsuits involving large-scale system
failures and dot.com failures are one of the fastest growing areas of
litigation in the legal profession today. Unexpectedly you may find
yourself in a courtroom with an unhappy vendor or customer. To stave off
being second-guessed, you will need to know how to perform, communicate,
and document your work in a way it will survive a courtroom test, and to
present your position with professional aplomb on the witness stand.

John Musa will cover "Efficient Testing with a Measure to Select Testing
Strategies." The problem of how to select the most efficient testing
strategies will be addressed. The market forces that are making it more
and more imperative to improve testing efficiency will be explored. The
requirements for selecting a measure to evaluate testing strategies and
tools will be summarized. A proposal for a measure is presented, along
with sufficient details of its application to show that most of the
potential problems have been addressed.

Edward Jones will present "Educators Join the Fray -- Tester Training for
Undergraduates" He will describe the efforts to expose undergraduate
students to the practice and principles of software testing. The goals of
this effort are three-fold: (1) give students hands-on experience in the
fundamentals of testing; (2) to transfer a quality-centric value system
(attitude towards testing/quality); (3) to transfer testing skills and
attitude into the undergraduate curriculum.

Simon Mills will explore "A World-Wide Web of Intrigue -- Deceptive
Testing." His talk covers the new issues related to e-commerce
applications, and the many old issues surfacing under a new guise. He will
present case study experiences to reflect "new challenges" as being
reflections of yesterdays problems.
The Conference will conclude with the wrap-up session: "Conference
Reflections - and a few surprises thrown in!" Marnie Hutcheson will
expertly summarize: What we did; Where we've been; Where we're going.

* Thirty-two Concurrent Sessions divided into four parallel tracks present
a wide variety of topics and issues in major areas of: Management,
Automation, Technology, Requirements, Practices, Web and Case Studies.

* Pre-Conference (June 18-19) Workshops (2 days) and Tutorials (1 day)
will present comprehensive technical sessions for software testing
practitioners. These sessions will provide detailed training on major
software testing technologies, tools and methodologies.

* Networking with participants interested in specialized topics will be
facilitated by Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions and Lunch Discussion Groups.

* The Conference Volume (including the presentations and proceedings of
the sessions) will be a valuable reference for testing projects.

* The Testing Tools vendors exhibit will present the latest in products
and services to support software and applications testing.

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