sorting a table in non-alphabetical order

Who can help me with the BIG problem I have. (probably easy to solve)

The problem is this:

I have a table in the order in which it is inputted (paradox). into my
program. Now I need to make two sets of files out of this. One set has to
be orderderd like this:

Province        town
gr              (alphabetical)
fr              (alphabetical)
dr              (alphabetical)
ov              (alphabetical)
ge              (alphabetical


The second set has to be ordered in this order:

Group           Item
(alphabetical)  (alphabetical)

Now I'm going to make a text-file for each record in the table. In that
file I have to put general data, plus a notification of:

The previous record in set 1, the next record in set 1, the previous record
in set 2, the next record in set 2

How do I acomplish this in the easiest way? I haven't made normal indexes
before either, so if some basic knowledge is required, please include that
in your answer.

Thanks to all who want to help me!

Yours Sincerly

Marc van leeuwen