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Indexes / sorting dbase files

I must apologize for the 'newbie' nature of my question, but I am fairly

My situation:
1.    I have a set of Dbase files normally accessed by an application that
was written in Clipper, its index files of course are NTX files produced by
Clipper( not Dbase ndx).

2.    I have written a fairly simple 'front end' as an additional way to
access and change some of this data. This program will NOT be adding records
or changing any key fields (which the Clipper program uses to index on), so
my Clipper indexes should be safe and don't need to be updated.

3.    I need to have the data in some sort of order for the Delphi app. How
can I achieve this.

What I have tried:
I have tried creating a query with an sql statement like 'select * from
myfile.dbf order on surname,initials'..... this does not work . I get an
error ' ......exception class EDBEngineError with message 'table level
changed '  '.

Any help would be appreciated, since my resources are limited!

D van Suilichem


Re:Indexes / sorting dbase files

You just need to define the IndexFiles property of a TTable componant in order
to name the property IndexName as one of theses DBase index files

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