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Delphi DBGrid Lookup Refresh Problem

I have created a master detail form with a DBGrid displaying many detail
records to the master.
In the detail DBGrid I have several lookup fields to display the readable
field of a lookup table.

My problems is that when I scroll through these records the values in the
lookup fields become blank and do not refresh. Has anyone experienced this
? If so, have you got a workaround for it ?

Thanks in advance



Re:Delphi DBGrid Lookup Refresh Problem

Hi Robin

I think, you have bound the detail-table relational to the Master. Delete
MasterSource and MasterField, and use the Filter of the DetailTable. I had
much Problems with Master... I'm now only working with the property Filter
and it works perfekt. You can Set the Filter at RunTime, without closing
the Table, and it is very very fast.

Good luck


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