IB5 and SQL 92


Does anyone out there know about IB5's suposed support of SQL 92.

Borland / Inprise claim (or at leat imply) that IB *is* SQL 92 compliant,
but it doesn't seem to support any of the SQL 92 functions (in fact it
doesn't even seem to support '89 functions).

Inside the IB5 prog. ref. is some info on UDFs in which it says that *some*
SQL 92 functions can be obtained by including a C based UDF library.

However this library does not include the LENGTH function.

I could write all the missing '92 functions in C but this is a real pain,
requires a C compiler AND would still require special code to "include" the

Sorry imprise, but that ain't SQL 92 compliant!!!

If any one knows of a way around this please let me know.

I would far rather use IB5, but if it really does not suport SQL 92 then I
will have to use Access (at least its '89 compliant!!!).