Install to Non-defualt Hard Drives


I have been hearing that there have been serious problems in getting many
vendor applications to install their products to non-default hard drives.

That is, vendor's app installs only seem to work when a User allows the
vendor's install to take place on the hard drive that *they* specifiy -
usually hard drive C:.

This has allegedly lead to a huge hue and cry by Users for good, flexible,
well tested Install/Un-install programs and to the release of
'generic'/generalized Install/Un-install programs like InstalShield.

Can anyone confirm this allegation and has anyone seen articles on this
subject matter?  I would appreciate some references to literature on this
subject matter.

I have also been hearing that many apps vendors do not supply well
tested un-install programs or do not supply well tested un-install programs.

For instance when I have attempted to obtain detail literature/documentation
from Borland (as a source) on the Delphi Install/Un-install process and how
*what* Instalshield does - precisely- in performing a install/un-install I
have been told such literature.documentation doesn't exist.

I have found this to be true thusfar when I looked into the
Borland literature/documentation on Delphi.  I have so far looked into the
Borland Delphi On-Line help and the CDROM and found very little explaining
the install/un-install process except superficial explanations.

What lead me to search for such information was problems I have had in
properly un-installing Delphi from the C: drive (the default drive); so I
could Install Delphi to the E: drive.

So I have been looking for detailed literature of what InstalShield is
suppose to do when it in-stalls Delphi and un-installs Delphi and what
InstalShdield does to the MS Win95 Registry.  

For instance, does InstalShield use a log file of some sort that tracks/lists
what directories have been created and what files have been copied from the
Delphi CDROM to those created directories?

I presume any install process MUST use some sort of log file to track what it
has done else how can it *un-install' what it has installed.

I haven't found any details or any source for such details.

Thanks for any help.

Regards, -= Lou Rizzuto =-