The best and the most student friendly book in C++ is now on the market.
If you want to learn C++ easily and quickly, read it. The book is
"Object-Oriented C++ Primer" by Leon Poskar. Despite the fact that it has
been published this year, it has sold thousands of copies. The book is
written in a clear, easy to understand manner.
  It gives a thorough treatment of C++ features inherited from C, such as:
data presentation and data types, control statements, arrays, functions,
structures, unions, character strings, pointers, operators, preprocessor
directives, C style run-time allocation, C style input/ output, ANSI
Standard Library. It goes in depth in describing C++ specific: classes,
operator overloading, inheritance, polymorphism, virtual functions,
function and class templates, exception throwing, function overloading,
functions with default arguments, C++ style input/output, C++ style
run-time allocation, iostream libary.
  Each theoretical concept in the book is illustrated by a runable
example. Many examples have been tried on at least two compilers to insure
the most portability of the code and generality of concepts. The book is
based on ANSI (ISO) Standards for C and ANSI Standard Draft for C++. The
text is good for students, engineers, programmers, or anybody who wants to
study C++. You will be able to become proficient in C++ does not matter
whether you have or do not have any experience in programming and language
C. The book covers all the platforms and environments (DOS, Windows 3...,
95, NT...), UNIX, Macintosh.
  The book is sold in "Quantum Books" (Cambridge near MIT, MA), "New
England Mobile Book Fair" (Newton, MA), "Harvard Bookstore" (near Harvard
University), Microcenter (14 locations natinwide), "Baker Books" (North
Dartmouth, MA), Computer Literacy Bookshop" (4 locations in CA and
{*word*269}ia), your local "Barnes &Noble", and other stores. It is available
from a distributor via phone. Call 1-800-431-1579 to order. Have your
credit card ready. The price is $25.95 + $3 shipping &handling in US.
Again the book is "Object-Oriented C++ Primer" written by Leon Poskar.