Switching the input of a Pinnacle PC TV card


I'm trying to write some software that controls two cameras for a security
checks for changes in the pictures, and generates an alarm if the changes
exceed a
preset threshold. I've got this working for a single camera that is
connected to the
composite input of a Pinnacle PC TV card.

This card has in fact a second input (mini-DIN jack with component video),
and I can
also make the program work with the camera connected to this input, provided
that I
use another program to select this input first (e.g. through the AMCAP V1.00
from the Microsoft website).

What I would like to do is connect one camera to the composite, and the
other camera
to the component input of the Pinnacle PC TV card, and then have a Delphi
select one or the other. I've been looking all over the web for most of a
day, and I think
the solution is probably in the direction of WDM drivers, the crossbar
function that is part of this, a
file called KSXBAR.ax (in the windows\system directory). Somehow, I think
that maybe
the DelphiX file "DShow.pas" from Hiroyuki Hori should be helpful, there is
a function in
there that allows you to route from an input to an output of a DirectShow
But I can't figure out how to use Hori-san's DShow file? Does anybody have a
of example code that I could use, or some tips on how to approach this
problem? Thanks
in advance for your help!

Best regards,

     Peter Baltus