TPageControl: Using the scroll buttons to change groups intead of just scrolling

Hello all,

I'm trying to change the behavior of the scroll buttons that appear on a
TPageControl (when the TPageControl cannot display all of the tabs because
the form is too narrow).

I have been successful in setting up a message handler to catch the
WM_HSCROLL message, but I'm having trouble determining whether the user
clicked the left or right scroll button.

Normally with the WM_HSCROLL message, I should be able to determine where
the scroll position is, and where it needs to go.  However, when I try to
determine the current position, I always come up with zero. (For example,
TWMHScroll.Pos is always zero.)

How can I successfully get the current scroll position for a TPageControl
component?  If you could reply to my e-mail address, in addition to this
group, it would be greatly appreciated!

Rodney M. Savard
Kennewick, Washington, USA