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Database Desktop, Min, Max, Default, Picture...?

I assume you are working with Paradox tables. Pictures are not supported by
Delphi.  The others are.  The default is filled in automatically when you
insert a new record.  If a value is outside the allowable range and
exception will be raised.


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Re:Database Desktop, Min, Max, Default, Picture...?

>Are the values you set in the Min, Max, Default, and Picture only used
>by the Database Desktop or can they be used by the Delphi application?

If the compoent is aware of them they can be used.  The standard
Delphi Tfields will use Minimum and Maximum valchecks.  Pictures are
not used and Tfields have thier own defult property.

>If used within the Delphi application, how?  If a value is not within
>the Min/Max range is an error generated?  Is the Default filled in
>automatically? What about the Picture?

Some 3rd party components inculting componets with InfoPowerUtilities
support using Pictures from tables.

Brian Bushay (TeamB)

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