sharing violation


i have a delphi 1.0 program in which i'm attempting to copy one of my
paradox files. (actually i'm using an XCeed component that zips or
unzips the files).  sometimes it works but sometimes i get a sharing
violation which sometimes eventually leads to a corrupted database.  i
thought at first it was because i had the database desktop running in
the background, but the problem periodically persists even if no other
applications are running other than my program (i run it stand-alone
without delphi in the background).  So now i'm suspecting that its
because my program itself is looking at those tables so maybe copying
them is a nono.  has anyone had experience with this sort of problem?
any suggestions on how to get around this conundrum.  on a related note,
is there a way to determine if any other programs are "looking" at a
file, or if a file is being "used" by another program.