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ERROR 200:Div. by zero

Hello world!

"ERROR 200. Div. by zero"
This is what I get when I run my old BP 7.0 programs.
How can I get past it?
I still have the sourcecode.

// Tommy


Re:ERROR 200:Div. by zero

JRS:  In article <94vknn$>, seen in
news:comp.lang.pascal.borland, Tommy Petersen <> wrote
at Sun, 28 Jan 2001 00:14:08 :-

>"ERROR 200. Div. by zero"
>This is what I get when I run my old BP 7.0 programs.
>How can I get past it?
>I still have the sourcecode.

But do you still have the compiler?  If so, use Pedt's fix; otherwise,

Read before Write!  You get the answers more quickly that way!!
Pascal Start-Up Error 200 on fast PCs when using the Crt unit is a VFAQ!

Read the many earlier postings in the comp.lang.pascal.borland (Frank H, Roger
D, Pedt S, Osmo R, ...) and borland.public.turbopascal newsgroups (you could
use DejaNews?), including the comp.lang.pascal.borland mini-FAQ; and Prof.
Salmi's FAQ #124, and/or Ing.
Franz Glaser's and my  clpb-faq.txt  pas-time.htm  pas-r200.htm .
Install Pedt Scragg's Crt unit; or run Andreas Bauer's TPPATCH on your EXE
(beware early c't EXE-patches). Other fixes are to avoid all use of the Crt
unit; or, if accurate Delay is not needed, to compile with TP5 or TP6.

? John Stockton, Surrey, UK.    Turnpike v4.00   MIME.

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