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I'm hearing that there are problems with the BDE and
MS SQL 7.  Can anyone confirm this?  Is there a work around?

here's the news item to which I refer...

<< Is MS SQL 7.0 supported for use with SalesLogix products?

SalesLogix currently does not support MS SQL 7.0 because there is a
conflict with the Borland Database Engine (BDE). The BDE is required
run SalesLogix applications; therefore, until this conflict is
we do not recommend nor support running SalesLogix products with MS

We are currently working with Borland on a resolution to this problem
and will keep you informed when MS SQL 7.0 has been qualified to run
with SalesLogix products. >>




On Fri, 05 Mar 1999 16:17:31 GMT, (William A. Brent) wrote:

>I'm hearing that there are problems with the BDE and
>MS SQL 7.  Can anyone confirm this?  Is there a work around?

No currently shipping version of the BDE was ever designed for use with or
fully tested (certified) for use with Microsoft SQL Server 7. The latest
shipping version of the BDE has been certified for use with earlier
versions, up to version 6.5. When you use one company's software with an
uncertified version of another company's software -- especially in cases
where the other software is a new version that introduces new features and
changes old ones (MS-SQL 7 certainly does these things) -- problems may
arise. Is it due to problems or short-comings in Delphi or the BDE? No.
Delphi and the BDE do work with versions of MS-SQL that we certified and
publicly advise people to use.

Borland is currently conducting a public field test of a new SQL Links
driver for MS-SQL 7. This new native driver is specifically designed for
use with version 7 of MS-SQL.

So you have to ask yourself, was that person (referring to SalesLogix
applications) using an SQL Links driver not designed or certified for use
with that later version of MS-SQL 7? Were they using a driver that is only
in the beta testing stage? Or were they using an ODBC driver produced by
some third party? (Borland produces no ODBC drivers.) In any of these
cases, they would be doing the wrong thing.

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