Screen Cam Component (recording screen activity to video) with minor bugs


I'm developing a screen cam component for delphi (captures the
activity on a screen or delphi form and writes it into an AVI file; it
supports all compressors). I'm almost done - except some minor

* The mouse cursor is always an hourglass
  drawicon(hmemDC, x, y, hcur) <== displays always an hourglass
instead of the current visible mouse cursor...

* I'm using a TThread for the recording function and a "transparent"
window for a flashing frame. This window is always on top of all
windows and only has a frame as window region (Frame is set up by
SetWindowRgn). In the recording function I call a paint method of the
flashing window for every frame (paintBorder). The problem is when
using the flashing frame all other windows of the delphi application
do no longer react. If I leave out the flashing frame in the recording
thread all works fine.

If there's anybody who would like to share some time in fixing these
bugs in my code, improving something or just try it out, please send
me an email or post a refer to the subject of this newsgroup!