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Delphi 1/Interbase/Win95/NT Slowdown

I wonder if someone could help me with the following problem :
My Delphi application is experiencing a gradual slowdown problem.

This is the setup :
I have written a fairly big application in Delphi1 C/S with over a hundred forms, each
having from 2 to 25 datasets (TQuery, TTable and TStoredProc). The application runs on 12
Win95 workstations (Pentium 75MHz, 16 MB RAM). These workstations are hooked up to a Win/NT
server running NTAS 3.51 and Interbas 4.0. The server is a Pentium 120MHz, 64MB RAM. The
size of the Interbase .GDB file is 24 MByte.

The workstations have access to other applications such as Microsoft Office and there are
printers hooked up to several workstations that are shared across the network. There is also
a fax on one workstation which is also shared for sending outgoing faxes.

On a daily basis, all the users at the workstaions go about using the application,
generating queries, retrieving data, printing, etc.

These are the symptoms :
After several weeks of normal usage, some workstations start to slow down. Not all the
workstaions slow down at once. Some don't slow down for several months, in fact. There
doesn't seem to be a pattern as to which ones contract the "slow disease".

Apparently, the slowdown only occurs with the Delphi application. Microsoft office apps seem
to behave as before. However, they do not load the network nearly as much as the Delphi app.

Initially both IPX/SPX and NETBEUI protocols were enabled at each workstation, as were both
Novell Networking and Microsoft Networking. By chance, I disabled IPX/SPX and Novell
Networking on a slow workstation and it cured the problem.

However, I don't know whether the slowdown is going to happen again. This was about a month
ago and users of the system have indicated that the slowdown is occurring again, although I
have yet to verify that.

The real problem :
Since this is a situation that depends on multi vendors/products, I don't know where to go
for tech support. I hope some of you out there have some suggestions.



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