Wrong method for printing tables... Dbgrid print

On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, Renier Crause wrote:
> Anybody know why they left out some properties from DBGrid that are in
> Grid?
> Properties like LeftCol,TopRow, Col,Row, ColCount,RowCount are really
> useful.  I created a child and published these and they work fine.
> Also why isn't OnMouseDown,OnMouseUp,OnMouseMove in TComboBox?
> thanks
> Renier

They left these for us...
But I wonder if they could give us the access for each cells as string...
I want to print a dbgrid myself...

When I tryed to go from one record to the next, printing each fields
contents for each line, the program stall!?

I think that thereis too much information or that I don't know how to
move between several records fast enough to be able to access the

I have 2 tables linked (master-detailed) and it stalls when I do:
While not( table1.eof) do
        table1.next (the other follows because of the link)
        Print every records with outtext, and lebels,etc.

This code is BAD!!! REALLY BAD!! It stalls the computer with large tables...
With small worked quite fine... for now...

If someone could tell me what I can do to let the computer do the next
before printing, or what is wrong doing this...

                Thanks for your support

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